Buying vs Leasing

Buying vs Leasing

When you decide to get a new car, you face many decisions. You have to choose a vehicle that fits your needs and provides you with the features you want. You also want to get a value that works for you in a financing plan. This is where you have some options.

Here at Ira Acura Westwood, we can help you decide between buying vs. leasing and which method is best for you to get a new vehicle on the roads of Westwood, Dedham, Norwood, and Needham, MA. Continue reading below to learn more.

Benefits of Buying

Benefits of BuyingIf you decide to buy a car, you are making a long-term commitment toward the vehicle of your choosing. This means you have more freedom in how you modify the vehicle and how much you drive.

Buying a vehicle can provide you with a solution to your driving needs for years to come and gives you many other possibilities for what you can do with your ride moving forward. You can also work out a payment plan that fits your needs and allows you to own the vehicle of your dreams.

Before you visit, get to know the vehicles we have for sale on our website and narrow down your options.

Benefits of Leasing

Benefits of LeasingIn a lease, you certainly have many options for how you want to proceed and how you can get on the road right away in a new vehicle. A lease is a short-term agreement that usually lasts two or three years.

During this time, you only pay for the value of the vehicle while you drive it. This can lead to lower monthly payments and allow you to enjoy your ride right away at a value that fits your needs.

When your lease is up, you also have options. You can choose to purchase the vehicle at that time or return it to the dealership and take out a new lease on a new model.


Let Our Expert Finance Team Help

Let Our Expert Finance Team HelpWhether you decide to buy or lease a vehicle, know that our team is here to help you make the right choice for you. We are prepared to give you the expertise needed to make this decision and get on the road today.

Our team of finance experts goes through the process with you from start to finish. We make sure you have your options presented to you in detail and have your questions answered to build confidence in your plan.

You can also get pre-approved for an auto loan when you fill out the online finance application.


Visit Our Dealership Today

Now that you know more about buying vs. leasing, it’s time for you to see us at Ira Acura Westwood and find the vehicle that works for you. Let our team work with you to choose the plan you want.

You can get on the roads of Westwood, Dedham, Norwood, and Needham, Massachusetts, in style. Contact us to speak with an expert or visit us to see our selection and start working on your next plan.

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